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Who We Are


UK Prudental Industry group located in Wales, is a word-famous corporation with a many years’ history. It is our aim to pursue innovation and practice. Our products can be widely used in urban public buildings,commercial buildings and others. Our innovative and diverse manufactures can meet the architects to solve any unique creative solutions to interpret the profound meaning of the construction and to provide them with endless possibilities for design and innovation. It is our business development model to strictly implement an efficiency-oriented, quality-oriented and human-oriented management. As a part of he society, we are well aware of our surroundings our position and our responsibility. 

We act in accordance with this responsibility and make sure we share the value we create, in the right balance, with our customers, employees and all our stockholders. Nowadays we are working hard to create sustainable value with our trustworthy and experienced Chinese partners. Prudential Group has a range of 100 core products with continuous updating. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our products ,more detailed technology parameters and our service. Our experienced sales engineers are at your service at any time.

What We Do

We are specialized in construction anchoring and reinforcement system, and inorganic paint.

We Help Customers Succeed


Partnership Go BeyondSpace

Prudential Company and partners in China have written a cooperative chapter from machining operation of parts to fully engaging in producing the civil building bolt system of Prudential and embedded channel. Today, over 3,000 high end projects use components and

assemblies produced in China. In the future, Prudential will continue to work with quality-oriented manufacturing industry in China so as to establish a secure and highly efficient building bolt system and Cast-in anchor channel. May this partnership go beyond time and space and confront the future with our ever-lasting commitment.

Our Present Condition

UK Prudential Industry Co.,Ltd. is a well-known global British company. UK Prudential Industry Co.,Ltd. offer products and service for more than 40 countries in the world. It is operating and managing business in more than 15 countries, building co-operated factories in 6 countries and owning laboratories in 4 countries.



Technical Service

Prudential company provides engineers throughout the world with extensive technical service. To help you choose appropriate fastening pieces, our company will cooperate closely with your esteemed engineering team at the initial stage of the project design. By means of active participation, Prudential can always help you select fastening pieces that are both secure and economical. Prudential's engineering team will serve you with enormous sincerity and enthusiasm either in the office or the project site. Prudential will lend full support to every single project of you.

Global Logistics Team

Prudential's Global Logistics Team service to ensure your products will be deliveried to the construction site on time. We aim to help you accomplish tasks according to your schedule without delay. Even if emergency occurs, we will immediately transfer products from our

nearest local, regional, or even global warehouse. Meanwhile, we will also spare no effort to avoid expensive shipment or airline fees. 

Apart from our standard products, we also provide product customization service so as to offer you products of different specifications.

Please feel free to contact the local representative for Prudential, if you have any need.

Environmental Protection Prudential

While facilitating innovation, Prudential actively encourages the employees to take a part in its basic environment protection plan, namely "Pollution Prevention Projects".